Sweat + Recover

12pm - 2pm on December 9th, 2018

Sweat Fixx + Black Crow Yoga

Investment, $35

Sweat Fixx and Black Crow Yoga are teaming up to provide you the ultimate weekend workout.

First, head to Sweat Fixx Arlington for a 45 minute HIIT FIXX workout. HIIT FIXX is a high intensity class combining interval, strength training and rowing - leaving you drenched with ‘sweat’ from head to toe.

Afterwards, head down the street to Black Crow Yoga. A 45 minute Gentle Yoga class led by Kimberly Giardino awaits you, helping you to easily stretch, relax and ‘recover.’ Walk away feeling refreshed and ready to begin your week!

No prior row or yoga experience is required.