Share your practice and join me in this journey together. Whether your a yoga newbie or seeking to advance your practice, drop-in to a class that feels just right for you.


All-Levels, unheated

4pm @ Black Crow Yoga 

Gentle Yoga (& Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra), warm

6pm @ Black Crow Yoga


All-Levels, warm 

12pm @ Shawmut Yoga


All-Levels, warm

7am @ South Boston Yoga

Gentle Yoga Flow (& Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra), warm

7:15pm @ Shawmut Yoga

+begins Jan 17th!


All-Levels, warm

9am @ Black Crow Yoga

Community-donation based*, unheated

12pm @ five doors health + wellness

+every 1st Friday of the month

+additional class Jan 18th!

Subbing Schedule

  • 1/25: All-Levels, 12pm @ South Boston Yoga

  • 3/23: All-Levels, warm, 11am @ Shawmut Yoga

  • 3/25: All-Levels, 7am @ South Boston Yoga

  • 3/27: All-Levels, 4pm @ South Boston Yoga

  • 4/1: All-Levels, 7am @South Boston Yoga

*Every 1st Friday of the month at five doors health + wellness, I offer small group yoga at a reduced cost. 100% of all proceeds I then pay forward to Fibromyalgia Coalition International, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization providing research, information and resources for natural solutions to people managing fibromyalgia, chronic pain and related conditions.

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