*Every 1st Friday of the month at five doors health + wellness, I offer small group yoga at a reduced cost. 100% of all proceeds I then pay forward to Fibromyalgia Coalition International, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization providing research, information and resources for natural solutions to people managing fibromyalgia, chronic pain and related conditions.


Share your practice and join me in this journey together. Whether your a total yoga newbie or seeking to advance your practice, drop-in to a class that feels just right for you.


All-Levels, heated 

12pm @ Open Doors Dorchester

All-Levels, unheated

4pm @ Black Crow Yoga 

All-Levels, warm

6pm @ Black Crow Yoga


All-Levels, unheated 

12pm @ Shawmut Yoga

Gentle Yoga & Divine Sleep®, warm 

6pm @ Open Doors Dorchester


All-Levels, warm

9am @ Black Crow Yoga


All-Levels, warm

7am @ South Boston Yoga


All-Levels, warm

9am @ Black Crow Yoga

Community-donation based*, unheated

12pm @ five doors health + wellness 1st Friday of the month

Subbing Schedule

  • 12/21: All-Levels, 4pm @ South Boston Yoga

  • 12/30: Hot Power, 6pm @ South Boston Yoga

  • 1/5: All-Levels Power, moderate heat, 9:30am @ Open Doors Dorchester

  • 1/6: All-Levels, 9:30am @ Black Crow Yoga

  • 1/30: Restorative Aroma, 7:45pm @ Black Crow Yoga

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