Private & Corporate Wellness


Sessions start at $125 per hour and vary depending upon location and group size.

All sessions can be booked stand-alone, continuing, or arranged on an as-needed basis.

For a private or small group session please connect and inquire about upcoming availability.

Private & Small Group Sessions

Private and small group sessions are personalized experiences designed to focus in on your specific intentions and goals. Coordinate a time and space (phone and virtual sessions available for Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra) that accommodates your schedule.

Your tailored session may include:

  • meditation and/or Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra practices;

  • guided posture (asana) practice - beginner, gentle, kripalu or vinyasa;

  • breathwork (pranayama);

  • self-care practices;

  • stress management, fatigue, chronic pain, & wellness tools.


Corporate Classes

Bring yoga into your office! Practicing yoga in the workplace can be relaxing, fun, and studies have shown that in office sessions can improve the long term health of employees and boost company spirit.

Kimberly offers regular and once in a while sessions to companies in the Boston area. If your place of work is a fit please send a request.

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