Weekly & Donation Classes.

I am passionate about making yoga financially and physically accessible to everyone. I run a donation-only (pay what you can) class and teach weekly throughout the Greater Boston area.



Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra.

I specialize in guiding Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra; highly sought after and transformative guided meditation sessions. Well-known for relieving stress, restoring health and promoting sleep, studies have shown just 20 minutes equals three hours of restorative sleep! I guide virtually, in studios, wellness shops and workplaces. I also offer customized one-on-one sessions and group classes. Come and experience this easy and accessible practice for yourself.

Corporate & Private Offerings.

I teach public and private yoga and guided meditation (Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra) classes. Book a private or small group session with me virtually, in your local yoga studio, or hold a class right in your office.



Workshops & Events.

I offer workshops and events around the Greater Boston area and in the community. I listen to the specific needs of your group and offer you a gentle approach to enhancing wellness. Book me as a guest teacher to visit your studio, business or city or join an event or workshop I am hosting here in Boston. Simply subscribe below to my once-in-a-while newsletter and be the first to know of new events.


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