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Practice Yoga

Find a class and practice yoga! Kimberly offers weekly public classes throughout the Greater Boston area. She shares a compassionate practice that helps you to become aware and mindful of the present moment. And provides you with the tools to take what you’ve learned off the yoga mat (in case you want to do that). Whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, you’ll be guided to find balance (and no, this doesn’t mean you have to rock a handstand - unless of course you want to do that!), listen to your body, learn to calm your mind and connect to breath.

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Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra

If you enjoy group yoga classes, meditation, day time naps and/or sleeping, you’re going to LOVE Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra. This easy peasy guided meditation practice is known to improve well-being, restore health, promote sleep and so much more! Grab your blankey (aka a blanket) and let’s get started.

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Private & Group Wellness Sessions

If you’re ready to begin a brand new yoga or meditation practice, or build on your existing practice, book a customized private, group or corporate wellness session with Kimberly. Sessions can be held right in your office, home, in a yoga studio, and can also be held virtually.


Workshops & Events

Workshops and events are a fun way to create a deeper connection within yourself and to others! Join a workshop or event here in the Boston area or invite Kimberly to host at your studio, business or city. Kimberly enjoys being a part of the yoga community and hopes you will too.


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